Jet Fuel Transportation

ETS has a fleet of dedicated Jet Fuel trailers that are exclusively used in the transportation of Commercial & Military Jet Fuel. We service many civilian airports and military bases throughout the Midwest. Our team is trained in Jet Fuel quality inspections to ensure zero cross contamination. Call our dispatch team for quotes for your Jet Fuel & Aviation Fueling needs.

E-Dispatch System

To ensure prompt and flexible deliveries, our drivers are dispatched through our state-of-the-art e-dispatch system. This system allows for efficient route planning and real-time tracking, enabling us to meet the high-capacity demands of our clients while maintaining flexibility to accommodate changing needs. Customers are given real time access to their load history, BOL history and instant access to BOL’s and delivery tickets.

Request a Rate Quote

Ready to experience the reliability and efficiency of our refined fuel transportation services? Contact our dispatch team today at 816-690-2466 or email to for a rate quote tailored to your specific needs. We are committed to providing competitive pricing and exceptional service to every client we serve.

We specialize in Mobile Tank testing of Cargo Tank bobtails and trailers.