ETS is a USDOT certified Cargo Tank repair facility. Our mechanics and inspectors can inspect, repair, rebuild and maintain your fleet of trucks and trailers. ETS is certified for MC331 propane trucks and trailers, DOT 306 and 406 trucks and trailers. We also provide a wide range of mechanic services from oil changes, brakes, lights and more.

Contact Joe to schedule your vehicle inspection or repair at 816-786-1234.

Mobile Tank Testing for your Propane Fleet

  • Annual External Visual & Leak Tests

  • 5 Year Hydrostat and Internal Visual Tests

  • Federal Annual DOT Truck Inspections

  • In House and Mobile Testing

Is your company looking for a reliable tank testing service? We can come to your facility for onsite mobile testing or bring your truck in for testing at our maintenance facility. USDOT Cargo Tank Certified and insured. We are here to help you stay in compliance.

Energy Transport Solutions is now doing Mobile Tank Testing for LP Gas and Refined Fuels Cargo Tanks. This is a great benefit for our customers to be able to come to their facility and complete the necessary Cargo Tank and DOT Inspections. We are able to get your truck back on the road the same day to minimize downtime.

Our Mobile Tank Testing crew specializes in Propane bobtails and trailers for Annual Visual (V) and annual Leakage (K) Tests, 5 year tests Hydrostat Pressure Test (P) and Internal (I) Inspection.

We have now equipped our trucks for Refined Fuels trucks and trailers for Annual Visual (V) and annual Leakage (K) Tests, 5 year tests Hydrostat Pressure Test (P) and Internal (I) Inspection. Also, we are equipped to perform the EPA Method 27 test for Vapor Tightness.

Energy Transport Solutions mobile crews are able to perform minor repairs to your trucks so you are able to get your truck back in service fast.

If you are looking for a reliable company to do scheduled maintenance such as Oil Changes, PM Inspections, Brake Jobs, Engine Repair, Tires, or LP/Refined Fuels equipment repairs, we have a full service shop to get your truck back in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost to the larger vendors.

ETS is Certified by DOT to Conduct Cargo Tank Inspection for:

  • MC 330 & MC 331
  • DOT 306, DOT 406 and DOT 407

Tests and Inspections Provided by ETS:

  • Annual Visual Inspection (I)
  • Annual Leakage Test (K)
  • Federal Annual DOT Inspection
  • 5 Year Hydro Pressure Test (P)
  • 5 Year Internal Inspection (I)
  • EPA Method 27 Vapor Tightness Test
  • Upper Coupler Inspection (U) for Transport Trailers
  • Repairs and Scheduled Maintenance

Save Time and Money

Call ETS when your Cargo Tank Inspections are due. Save time and money when we come to your facility and do all testing on-site. Don’t make multiple trips to the repair shops for inspections. Get your truck inspected and back on the road the same day.